Paroles Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans

Got up this mornin' and thought about, what was I doing last night? I met a boy, the kind I like, so I took him on the side. I had some fun, the time was right and you know I'm pretty wild. Love is just a game, you know it, and we all like to play. My responsibilities stayed in Paris, tonight I'm gonna play. You got yourself a good girl, so move it, before I get out the way. (And he did). You don't have to buy me drinks. (I'm UFFIE and I shine). Follow me backstage, right here we're gonna have a good time. We are young and we're hot, we got skills to make us pop. I want you and you want me so let's not wait to fall in love. Seen a few crazy things with my pretty green eyes. I ain't afraid to talk about how far we're goin' by night. I'm arriving in the club. I get drunk and i get drugs. Faces booming on the sub i lay my vocals on the dub. Now we rock, we don't stop, we drop songs to keep you hot. In the front in the back, watch me get it on like that. I'm the shit i'm a freak, now everybody get on this. Move your waist and rock your hips. POP DROP ROLL WHAT?
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